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This is a very small demo of Renegade Escape.  The purpose of which is to give you a taste of what the free version will be like.

However, the full version of the game will be drastically bigger and better.  This demo has everything disabled or downgraded. No inventory, no puzzles, no objectives, the menu and options don't work.  It also has only 1 enemy and no bosses to fight.  Also, the room you play in is a basic version of what will be in the full game.  Nothing fancy.

Monotron and MogMog (you and your assistant-bot) are placeholders and will, most likely, be severely altered in the future.  Controls have been made universal.  If you have a QWERTY keyboard, you can use WASD to move. If you have an AZERTY keyboard you can use ZQSD.  The arrow keys also work for moving around. ESC brings you back to the main menu.  You get 2 guns in this demo. Both AR's.  Use the left and right mouse buttons to fire them.

The only enemy in this demo is Burner.  He is the first and easiest enemy in game.  He is configured to be almost harmless.  4 Burners will spawn every 2 seconds, with a maximum of 200 active at one time.  This is just for the demo, spawning will work differently in the full game.  For more updates and info on about this game, or for giving us your feedback, find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and SteemIt.  Just search for Attic28. 

Now pick up your guns, and move out! (and have fun!) 

Music: BrokeMC - Too Much To Deal With (cut ending)


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